Excellent Enterprise of the Northeast Italy 2022

Carlo Tonolo fu Matteo was one of the MOST DYNAMIC COMPANIES AND WITH THE BEST BALANCE SHEET INDICATORS, of the Province of Venice, in the last 5 years.

The data is contained in the "Report on the Economy of the Northeast 2022", which reports a ranking of the Excellent Companies of the Northeast, based on the economic indicators derived from the balance sheet data of a sample of 14,209 companies, as of 02/01/2022, and condensed into a Synthetic Performance Index (I.S.P.), able to measure the performance of companies, in a coherent, effective and immediate way.

The I.S.P. is in particular aimed at identifying the companies with the best capital, financial and income conditions over the last 5 years, so as to reward the company's performance over time, rather than the performance in a single year.

Source: Le Eccellenze del Nordest - Il Gazzettino 22/03/2022