Here we breathe good air

Our renewed air conditioning system, is not only ecological, but it is also supplied with a Bioxigen® air sanitizing system.

Bioxigen® technology is made of a process of bipolar ionization that produces a sanitizing antibacterial effect removing continuously airborne microbials and reductions of specific volatile organic compounds from indoor air environment and surfaces. The result is a clear improvement of the air quality, of its healthiness and an increase of environmental comfort is perceived from all the people who spend the most of their days in indoor locations and in particular from individuals with respiratory problems (asthmatics).

Tests have shown an efficient antibacterial effect, with more than 95% of destruction of microbial load on different bacterial strains.

Also Bioxigen® improves the air quality that we breath, providing greater well-being and health for people, limiting not only the diseases of viral and bacterial origin vehiculated by air, but also the causes of many allergies with remarkable benefits for the respiratory apparatus.

A new solid contribution from CT1919 for the welfare of its workers.

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News photo