Founded in the same year of the birth of the industrial Port of Marghera, CT1919 has always stood out for having developed a special tax and customs knowledge in the field of petroleum, chemical, gas, and energy sectors in general, becoming the reference operator who today are turning to major national and international companies, industrial plants and coastal deposits.

An internal customs department completes the services of Shipping Agency and Logistics, ensuring our customers greater efficiency and lower costs, thanks to the synergies achievable by working jointly.

Qualified staff is also involved in Customs operations for containerized cargo and bulk.

The professionalism shown over the years and the company's financial soundness enabled it to be acknowledged total trust of the Customs Agency with the release of AEOC Certified as Authorized European Economic Operator.

There is also a CAD service, with the company CAD CUSTOM SOLUTIONS, wholly owned.

CAD Custom Solutions

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